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Daniel Labuz
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December 23, 2008 – Power Endurance
Warm Up: Row 10 minutes @ 70-75% MHR


(1) 500m row for time
a. 1:35.8, 34 s/m
b. Splits:
i. 100m – 1:35.0/189HR
ii. 200m – 1:32.0/198HR
iii. 300m – 1:34.0/199HR
iv. 400m – 1:37.5/198HR
v. 500m – 1:40.5/197HR

Cooldown: Airdyne 50 calories.

.1 second slower than the last time I did 500m for time almost 3 months ago (Sept. 29th), disappointing to say the least. Didn't put enough heart into it I guess, wasn't feeling it today.

Going to be gone all day tomorrow with family, Happy Holidays folks.
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