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Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
That is great to hear...when you do something you truly enjoy and are passionate're destined to be successful. Sounds like the case here.

Cassidy, based on your you think a degree in exercise science or the like is a absolutely necessary for someone interested in becoming a S & C Coach for hs or small college?

Although I would seriously consider the prospect of a becoming a full-time S & C Coach, I couldn't possibly see myself going back to school to get another degree. One time around was enough for me
Just curious, how many years of experience did you have before this opportunity presented itself?

Anyway, congrats again on the news....sounds pretty darn exciting for ya.
Well I don't even know if you want to consider me full time lol. A lot of my work will go into the childrens MMA program. That's my passion. I also happen to be good at making workout programs for MMA athletes using many different modalities to get them there. Such as WSBB, GVT, or MetCon Principles. Coupled with guerilla cardio etc.

None the less, I'm going to get my NSCA, for myself not for anyone else. In all honesty, I haven't been certified by any org in over six years. I went in the military back in 2000, and never re-certified again. I have been training sport karate, and MMA athletes on my own now though for over 12 years. With that time has come expriance etc, that has made me to where I am in the S&C enviroment in the MMA and boxing market.

But my undergrad study has little to do with S&C other than neurological carry over. I am studying Cognitive Studies, and going to do my post grad work in Developmental Science. So really the mind, thought process, group thought, mind control, nirvana, and maya, that's what truelly interest me. I just happened to be good at something and someone wants to pay me for it, while I study my true passion, and it makes me able to take care of my daughter financially and emotionally more so than ever before.

George Carlin said "if you work a job that you truelly love, then I am convinced you never really WORK another day in your life" I think there is a lot of truth to that.

Thanks for all the well wishes.
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