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Ryan Brown
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Wednesday, 12/24/08

Texas Method
(Recovery Day)

3x3 Squat @ 250 lbs

3x3 Press @ 90 lbs

1x5 DL @ 345 lbs

I like placing my 1x5 of Heavy DL's on my recovery day. It seems to fit well, especially in regards to my schedule. The 3x3 of squat and press go by really fast, leaving me plenty of time for DLs.

Ever since this weekend I've been feeling tired. I got 8.5 hours sleep last night, however I woke up after 7.5 hrs, then went back to sleep. I think that interruption threw me off. The ZMA does seem to be doing the trick though. I've had dreams that I remembered for 3 nights straight. I may need to get a few 9 hr nights under my belt to feel good again. I look at Steve Low's log and see his sleep schedule is all over the place. I don't know how he performs the way he does. My hat's off to him.

Diet has been good. Starting to play it by ear a bit more with the zone. I weighed and measured for a month and I've got a pretty good handle on portion sizes. I'm still leaning out slowly but surely. I haven't been mentioning it in my log, but I've been throwing in 15 hour fasts a few times a week. 15 hours is easy for me if I do it from 9 pm to noon the next day.

I'm considering taking next week off. I don't think I've had a full rest week since mid-October. I think it might be beneficial.
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