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Originally Posted by Ryan Brown View Post

Ever since this weekend I've been feeling tired. I got 8.5 hours sleep last night, however I woke up after 7.5 hrs, then went back to sleep. I think that interruption threw me off. The ZMA does seem to be doing the trick though.


I don't think I've had a full rest week since mid-October. I think it might be beneficial.
Constant fatigue even with plenty of sleep, decreased performance (your presses, for example, being stalled for months), altered sleep patterns, no rest week in over 6 weeks...sounds like overreaching/overtraining to me.

Have you been having any depressed feelings? Injuries flaring up? Irritable? Decreased appetite? Compulsive desire to train? I think the symptoms you have are enough to warrant a week off...but any others would be a sure sign you need a break.

I say take the week off, stop fasting, eat like a horse...then get back in the game with your normal routine after 7 days. I would put down $500 bucks that it would do you a world of good and you might even PR on a few lifts.
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