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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
What I think creates much of the controversy here is people who used LC eating to fix their metabolism and get in control of eating and health, who then proclaim that LC is the only healthy lifestyle.
This is the True Believer syndrome. It includes a massive denial mechanism for any information that challenges the True Belief and a massive confirmation bias that cherry picks even the weakest evidence that supports the True Belief.

Low Carbers, Vegans, Born Agains, Atheists, Republicans, Democrats... the dichotomously arranged groups that simply shout over one another without bothering to listen to the other add NOTHING useful to the body politic.

The Low Carbers that point out the improved blood lipids on VLC diets are helpful. The Vegans that point out the dangers of Frankenfoods and encourage eating natural whole foods are helpful. The people who yammer on about how they have The One True Way are simply boring and annoying and turn people off. They tend to hang out and pretend to be all superior while whining to each other about how the world is messed up because not enough people will convert to their cause. Borrrrrrrrrring!

I find that about one in four of my clients tolerate carbs fairly well and don't have to concern themselves much with them. The other three better stay under 100 grams per day or they turn into fat slugs. So, is Low Carb the Best Way for Everyone? No. Is it a good idea for most people? Yes. As long as they eat real food and not a bunch of junky low carb Frankenfoods.

Whatever foods help you stay lean and vital are the best foods for you. Go for it! Just don't tell me it will TOTALLY work for me too. We are not omniscient about each others ideal diets and it's impolite to act like we are.
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