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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
we must have read different studies, the abstract i read was a little bit lighter on hyperbole.
LOL! Sorry about the hyperbole, Dave! Journalism training, "If it bleeds, it leads." mentality was driven into me well and early.

As one fine editor said, (minus the cursing) "Don't tell them what it means. Our readers don't care what it means! Our readers care what it means TO THEM!!! Now go write OUR READERS into your story. Wait, cancel that "your story." THAT'S the problem, it's YOUR STORY. It's no longer YOUR STORY. It's OUR READER'S STORY. Now go rewrite it that way!!!"

Nothing like getting pointedly screamed at a little to make you write snappier prose.


Still, the risk factor rise in that study with increased BMI and reduced activity IS pretty compelling, eh?
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