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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
it makes me think more about the opposite population: big, athletic and muscular. there may be some practical reasons why human males can't seem to get lean and big (over 220) without "help" ... the body just ain't evolved for that and doesn't want to get there.

but then again, nobody said being awesome was healthy.
Yeah, I hear you on that one. As a natural ecto, I'm never going to be 220+ unless I'm FAT.

I've noticed that the injury patterns of the lower weight class guys vs the supers are rather different. I generally get pretty quick results with the smaller guys. The supers are a challenge. Big tight muscles that have been slammed with ultra high abuse levels are not easy to fix. Still, we help where and how we can.

No static work on supers, that's for sure. He can move that big old meat hook or horses hoof himself! Even with them helping, an hour working on a tight super is harder than two days of working on normals.
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