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This is a very good thread, of which, the topic serves as a constant burden to most Military and LEO communities in relation to our fitness goals (IMO). Our professions require high levels of GPP as requisite for our job performance, and often times, our own survival as well as other depending upon us. The US Army’s stance on fitness in accordance with Field Manual 3-22.20 (Army Physical Readiness Training) is that: Physical readiness is the ability to meet the physical demands of any combat or duty position, accomplish the mission and continue to fight and win. That statement contains enormous implicit undertones and physical responsibilities when put into reality. More often than not contingency operations (current deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom), training missions, and even sometimes just normal garrison duties, require absurd daily hour requirements. These mission requirements, more often than not, put us into situations were we are required to have to balance our physical training/daily lives with little sleep, usually 5 hours or less. If our fitness goals are to meet and surpass our professions physical requirements, and those requirements entail the ability to sustain high levels of physical capacity under conditions of extreme mental and physical fatigue; then how do we condition ourselves to meet these demands when the common school of thought says that we will spiral into states of overtraining and or sickness? I have found myself on numerous occasions having to squeeze workouts into 19 hr + days just out of a matter of basic time management due to professional requirements. This condition of training without adequate rest without a doubt limits potential gains but often times is unavoidable if one in the Military/LEO community desires to train. Good topic…
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