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Originally Posted by Mike Prevost View Post
Not too much difference between 3% and 1% really. Just that 1% more closely matches running outdoors on a flat surface. 3% would not be that far off. Of course, when these studies are done, the % grade on the treadmill is always calibrated. You can't always count on the read out on the machine to be accurate.

Oh...I love running but I hate running on the treadmill, no matter what % grade!

Im with ya.

I tend to keep it within 1 mile, 1.5 at the most, at an increasing intensity. I dont think you can ever really match outdoor running with a treadmill, no mater the grade.

Treadmills pull your feet back for ya, and they run continuously underneither you. When im slowin down after a sprint, I do a couple bounds as it slows down and it just spins under me without me really doing anything other than jumping. Cant do that outside.

Not to mention, its rather linear in direction.
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