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i just read on another site how lots of the athletes do the starting strength, and drink a gallon of milk a day.
before i write anymore, i just want to say i respect everyones wants and needs.. personally, i totally disagree with it , but different strokes for different folks.
so getting back to my comment.. i bet 99% of all of us athletes, trying to get bigger faster and stronger for whatever sport we play or do, are not professionals, that we have to go to work every day.
so my point is, why does the guy who deadlifts 300# at his local gym, want to drink a gallon of milk a day, and gain 20 pounds in a months time, but 10 pounds of that are fat??so he puts up 350# in a few months.??? but when he takes off his shirt, he looks like a big strong, fattish kind of guy. why not eat well, sleep well and train hard and stay away from putting on all that fat.?? where is the 350# get you ??? i read all 33 posts and it seems like they are all just local guys trying to get bigger.. but who wants to get fat? i guess they gotta get big and fat, then the strength comes, then the diet... i would rather train hard, eat well, and recover well, and look like a decathlete year round, instead of looking like an out of shape offensive lineman half of the year, and a bigger stronger guy the other half of the year.
i think alot of guys are caught up in a numbers game.. where they have to squat 400, so they put on 20-30# of fat then their pr goes from 350 to 400, but in the mean time, they look terrible.
why would you put on 10-15pounds of unwanted fat?
i imagine its just because they want to see the numbers go up. me, if i squat 200, i will train hard to get better, but not by getting fat. i dont wanna look fat,so i'll stay at 200, but look lean and like an athlete.
in my day, you didnt see great athletes like bobby orr, or stan mikita, or bill toomay, or ian stewart, or mark spitz gaining unwanted fat...
anyway, just wanted to put this comment out there and ask why?
thanks, and i'm not being rude or disrespectful towards anyone.
steve kaspar
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