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Soon my log will come to a close, which is good and bad news more good than bad.

I will be moving up to Lake Placid come Friday or Saturday which means I won't be able to work in the gym anymore (Although I may come down once a week to do some lifting, but that's still up to decision I really dislike driving 4 hours one way), but at the same time I will be right next to the mountains which is where I want to be.

Yesterday I hiked up cobble hill at night with some future roommates and it was quite fun even though there was little to see at the top due to fog and darkness, but overall a good relaxing experience from gym life, I love to lift but I'd rather be on a mountain.

Lifting helps me get stronger and more confidence for when the real challenge comes in the mountains, which is why I enjoy doing it so much and also lifting more and more each time has it's own accomplishments in and of themselves. Although I didn't achieve most of my goals I had planned, I still completed some of them which is always satisfying. Just to recap what I did or didn't accomplish in these last 6 weeks

Sub 1:30 500m row (Best is 1:35.2 set almost 2 months ago)
This was actually suppose to be 1:35.7, tried it again a few days ago and got a 1:35.8, at least I didn't get worse.

Sub 10 minute 1 1/2 mile run (Best is 11:20 set back over 4 months ago)
This was the hardest one, I didn't achieve it but I did take about 30 seconds off

115# Overhead Squat (Best is 95#)
I wasn't sure on this one, I was stuck at 95# for a while, but week and half ago I put up 115# 3 times and it wasn't that hard

200# Back Squat (Never set back squat but best loads are 165x3)
This one I'm not sure yet, I will attempt to do 200x3 on Wednesday (My last full lifting day), but so far my best is 190x3

Sub 35 Minute on The Loop (4.75mi of hilly roads running)
I stopped running due to the fact that my five fingers are destroyed (they just fell apart at the seams), and didn't bother running in any other shoe. I kind of fell of the endurance portion, I figured when I move all I will be doing is endurance stuff, so I just wanted to get as strong as possible before then, which makes sense to me.

Sub 7:30 2000m row (Never did 2000m row before)
I beat this right after I made those goals, it didn't come easy, but looking back maybe it wasn't as bad as I once thought. I might try it again someday.

BW (165#) Bench Press (135x5 is best result)
I put up 160# a few weeks ago, not bad I say. I could probably put up 165#, so I would say this one is beat.

135# Overhead Press (115x2 is best result)
I put this one here since I wanted something way out there, but possibly achievable, I don't know if I could do this but I will definitely try come Wednesday.

BW (165#) Push Press
I put up 145# quite a few days ago, and almost got the second rep but my arms gave out 3/4 way up and I was drained physically. My form on this is my limiting factor, sometimes it flies up and other times it seems like a lot heavier than it should be. I didn't get that completed, but I might try tomorrow if I feel up to it. I have to try and push off the heels instead of my forefoot I believe, and also use my hips a lot more

Overall I achieved so far, 3 out of 9 which seems like a failure, but that's a .333 average pretty damn good in baseball terms

I cut the nutrition thing a little short, when Christmas came around I just wanted to have a good time and ended up eating a lot of unnecessary food. I don't regret it as it was delicious, being so strict around Holidays isn't really my thing, so kudos to those who can keep your composure.

I still eat mainly paleo, but I started using recoverite again since it always helped before. I also started eating more fruit again, I love fruit and that was probably the hardest thing about constricting carbs, I could literally eat a pound bag of raspberries and not even flinch, maybe 2 pounds.
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