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Originally Posted by Steve Kaspar View Post
i imagine its just because they want to see the numbers go up. me, if i squat 200, i will train hard to get better, but not by getting fat. i dont wanna look fat,so i'll stay at 200, but look lean and like an athlete.
in my day, you didnt see great athletes like bobby orr, or stan mikita, or bill toomay, or ian stewart, or mark spitz gaining unwanted fat...
anyway, just wanted to put this comment out there and ask why?
thanks, and i'm not being rude or disrespectful towards anyone.
steve kaspar
So you care about aesthetics... leave me alone. To get very strong you have to EAT enough to recover between strength sessions, which is a little tougher than recovering from "normal" sports training (generalization).

I've never had abs, and don't care. I've always been "skinny fat", so in my mind, being hyooge fat isn't much of a difference, except being much stronger.
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