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Catherine Imes
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Hi Peter,

Valery can deadlift 230kg pretty much anytime he wants (at a BW of less than 80kg). He's got a one arm deadlift that's pretty good too (can't remember how much).

I watched him easily bottoms up press a 32kg KB for reps. He can Jerk 2/48kg KBs 32 times in around 6 minutes (without setting them down). I've seen him one arm Jerk 2/32kg KBs. I'm not sure how much he can squat.

Regarding HS and GS. Hardstyle is a marketing term in my opinion. I just went back and read Enter the Kettlebell (Pavel's latest work). I looked at the Index for "Hardstyle" and couldn't find it. They HS practicioners will mention Compression, Rooting, Linkage, but these are terms that are not specific to KB training (probably have roots in martial arts and in fact Steve Cotter introduced rooting as a way to teach the kb lifts). They are viable techniques, that even GS athletes use..But, they only use the necessary amount/right proportions to bring the KB overhead because as you know, they are going to be doing that for 10 minutes.

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