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from the grappling perspective, i love the idea of keeping the same weight but getting stronger. thus slowly progressing in strength while keeping a lower bodyweight seems to be more natural to me.

when you beat somebody in grappling, it's more likely cause you used better technique, not because you out muscled them. i view strength in the same way now. properly understanding the coordination for specific motions, whether it be a planche or a front squat, i think is the most important aspect just as the proper method to choke somebody vs. squeezing somebody's neck. i could drink a gallon of milk a day and get huge and easily squeeze somebody's neck hard, or i could take my time and learn the proper motions to achieve my goals. after all, if i do gain all that extra fat, i'm going to be in a higher weight class. this is a built in system to ensure that people strive to figure out technique and not just become fat sacks that outweigh each other.

from my view, if somebody puts on a good deal of fat to move some weight around, then they should already be moving an impressive amount of weight. some guys fatten up to add 50 lbs to their squat or whatever when their PR was low to begin with. i'm not saying my PR's are impressive, but i feel that it's more important to coordinate the motions when you're at low levels. if you've got some for real competition numbers that are impressive then maybe it's worth upping some fat to add to your maxes. it's like IFing before you've tried cleaning up your diet first. it's better to work and really fine tune the diet and understand how food effects you before implementing a more intense tactic.

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