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I imagine it differs on goals and an ice hockey player would not want to be that overweight vs a football lineman who needs the weight (or he gets pushed around). As for the average "day job" person....if they would rather gain strength quicker, they probably do better to "bulk" up quickly...which means more fat gain. But that is not to say there are not plenty of stronger leaner athletes. Personally I would rather go the slow and steady way of putting on lean mass as usually there is always some sort of fat gain (although minimal). I did the "bloated" look in college long ago....little did I know how fat I really was and how much better I feel leaned out. But...too each his own.

BTW....fantastic references to hockey aren't by chance the same Steve Kaspar from the Bruins in the 90s?

Originally Posted by Steve Kaspar View Post
in my day, you didnt see great athletes like bobby orr, or stan mikita, or bill toomay, or ian stewart, or mark spitz gaining unwanted fat...
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