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Okay seems like a good idea to progress with the volume so I will give it a crack for 2 weeks then play about with adding in another metcon session.

In terms of diet going to hit the paleo as I said for 4 meals/day. Probably end up taking in ~35/30/35 (C/P/F) totalling ~2000kcal. I'm a creature of habit and I like eating the same thing every day so should be consistent with this part of the prog but I have got one other question. My working day consists of 2 hours in the morning (7am-9am) then work again in the afternoon starting at 1 or 2pm and since i don't make a habit of getting up much ealier than 6.30am I'm trying to think of quick ways to get some paleo friendly food down me.

Was thinking of either a) just fasting until I get back and whipping up something proper like an omlette or something or b) just quickly having a shake, an apple and some nuts - I'd rather just have the shake etc just because its easy and I won't be hungry at work but on the other hand I'd sacrafice that for some proper protein grub if its worth in terms of recovery - what do you guys think?
Was going to ask about total kcal intake to maintain strength but I'll just black box it at 2000kcal for a couple of weeks and tweak it from there if I need to.

Thanks for the replys guys! Joe.
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