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Originally Posted by Joe Birch View Post
Was going to ask about total kcal intake to maintain strength but I'll just black box it at 2000kcal for a couple of weeks and tweak it from there if I need to.
You said you like consistency, but one thing that works well, in my experience, is to calorie cycle -- that is, throw in some days at maintenance calories with other days at 1/2 maintenance to create an overall weekly caloric deficit - that can help stave off issues with leptin and overall metabolism.

Keeping insulin low helps with fat mobilization, so low carbing the low caloric days can help, as does eating most of your carbohydrates in the PWO period, particularly after your long CF session. For off the deep end stuff, LC and low calorie 4 days, finish with a longer CF metcon, and do a major carb up post-workout (sweet potatoes are good here, as is oatmeal if you want to break the paleo eating slightly).
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