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Default Barefoot Science

I can only say one thing get some barefoot science soles.

I have a Thread regarding Squat Depth with my hips hurting and ankles refusing to go anywhere. I had tried everything and used the advice i got from people and none of it worked. It still hurted like **** when i squatted down. So it just gave up and dropped it. I then brought the soles and gave them a try and now there is no pain at all in my hips and my ankles has opened up. Im only using level 2 of the implants you put in the sole.

I had worked the squat for a year or so and starting to feel a bit deformed No matter what I did nothing helped (mobilty and flexibility stuff) Im litteraly a enclopedia of t-nation mobility articles) And then im change soles in my shoes and after a month it just stopped. Im still not mobile enough to squat all the way down. But now its just stretching and using the advices i got in my previous post.
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