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Hola all.
Looking to lean out by about 10 pounds while ramping up performance and after looking through past wod journals it seems like I was hitting my best #s while maintaining that lower bodyweight while going pretty low-carb: probably only 4-5 blocks a day of veggies and fruit.

So I am back on that routine and trying to zone it (as portion size can occasionally be a downfall of mine) per Robb W's 'sub in 3 fat blocks for every removed carb block.' For me, that works out to 17 blks protein, let's say 3 blks carbs, and 59 blks fat.

Problem is occurring at day's end every now and again when I reach for the almond butter and just like that am 20-30 blocks over my prescription. I'm not stressing out about that too much b/c it's not an every day thing and it almost always occurs the evening after a poor night's sleep so I feel like I have a handle on it, but I am curious:

What exactly is happening hormonally when I am taking in that amount of fat at 9 or 10 PM, 3 or 4 hours after my last meal? Is it in and of itself going to significantly derail the leaning out process? One reads so much about how any late-night calories are automatically stored as fat no if ands or buts and I wonder how truthful that is.

Any thoughts would be welcome.
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