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Default Post-Mastectomy Training Advice for Wife

My wife is 45 yo and had a double mastectomy in Feb 08. She's now completed all reconstruction and is able to start working out in some fashion. For background, she didn't have cancer but had 5 prior breast surgeries to remove abnormalities, had a terrible family history of breast cancer, and was at high enough risk that the doctors finally convinced her to have the mastectomies. She is atheletic (former gynmast and cheerleader) and wants to do some exercise but is afraid of what she can do safely with implants (i.e., work on her pecs might be risky).

Looking for advice on functional workouts she can do. I'd like to offer her good Crossfit options as alternatives beyond what some trainers at the globo gym will likely suggest. I can imagine they'll give her workouts that just involve sitting on a ball or some a BB trainer will suggest having her do isolation work. Any thoughts?

She's been fully cleared by her doctors to begin exercise slowly with penty of support.

BTW, I also posted this question on the CrossFit main page board. Appreciate any advice.
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