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So, it's been a while; let's catch up.

Friday was a metcon day (read: cardio). Did 20 min on the elliptical at level 11 (but these go to 11) using the AC suggested 2 min easy/1 min hard method. My hammies and glutes were frying.
After, I went up to the weight area and did some fun lifts. Waiter's walk with 80lbs, farmer's walks with 100lbs, db snatches done KB style with 45lb, 2 sets of 10 each arm. Then went and did some rotation work on the cable cross thingy. Also did some cable punches.

Saturday was drinking too much and eating too much day. So much for progress.

Yesterday was the last squat day of the first phase. I cut back to two sets but upped the weight to 115 and 125 for the sets (up from 95 for three sets). The push ups felt good as the lower back seems to have let go of its spasm. The step ups were done for two sets with 20lbs of additional weight. Rows were 75 and 85lbs. I actually got through the entire Swiss ball madness without problems for once.

Today I was planning to do more cardio, but had to forgo due to an ear infection (my daughter's not mine) and touring central Orange County to run errands. I did notice a big metabolic shift today. I'm not sure if it's something I ate or the fact that I did 2 sets of 20 squats with more weight than I'm used to, but the body seems to be "shedding" some unneeded "waste material" at an alarming rate. I'll have to weigh in tomorrow and update the results.

Tomorrow is the last DL day of phase 1.
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