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Originally Posted by Craig Loizides View Post
It depends on the speed and the treadmill. The biggest difference is lack of air resistance on the treadmill. As speed increases, the wind resistance increases. In the study above, slow speeds (about 6-7 MPH) corresponded to a 0-1 degree incline while the faster speeds (about 9- 11 MPH) corresponded to a 1-2 degree incline.

This doesn't mean that you should run on a treadmill at 1 degree incline all the time. The goal isn't to obtain the same energetic cost. Some variety is good.

Walking up a steep incline isn't all that similar to running. Actually, in a lot of ways it's more similar to biking.
No its not. Not with cleats at least. In that case, you engage you hamstrings on the up stroke, not similar to any form of running, cept maybe backwards up a hill.

Ive noticed increases in foot speed from hill training, maybe its more similar to agility work.

When I do use the treadmill though, I use it to do things I cant on land. Like, run at 16 on an extended decline. Save your run training for functional run training. And save your knees and hips, run outside on trails.
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