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December 31, 2008 Strength

Warm Up: Kettlebell Circuit @ 30# KBs 2 Rounds: 8x Swing, 8x Goblet Squat, 4x Clean and Jerk Each Arm, 4x Turkish Get Up Each Arm


(1) Work up to 1RM Deadlift

a. 5x 135#, 4x 185#, 3x 235#, 2x 265#, 1x 285#, 1x300# (failed 2x)

I was going to do the big three today (deadlift, front squat, shoulder press) but I didn't feel up to the challenge after failing 300# twice, I wasn't physically drained but mentally I was done for and once that goes there's no point at least for me.

I probably doubted myself into not doing it by thinking too much before the first attempt, I try to meditate and just clear my mind before heavy lifts but this time I couldn't stop the random thoughts popping into my head and it distracted me, which inevitably probably made me fail. The 2nd attempt was just out of greed and probably desperation and I got it probably an inch off the floor before I just let go and gave it up.

Probably not the best thing to do before leaving lifting for a good while, but it's not good if I injure myself for some stupid number. I need to lay down and have a good think to get my mind set again for the real challenge, sometimes thinking can screw you up just as much as it can help sort things out.

This is my last entry as I am going to be gone either by Friday or Saturday to Lake Placid, so I would like to thank everyone at Catalyst Athletics as they are all knowledgeable willing folks that have much to teach to the new generation of lifters and athletes. I have learned a lot these past few months being here and I owe to it to the members of this forum and Catalyst Athletics.

I plan to be back early May for another go around with a 12-week strength/lifting rebuilding program nothings set in stone and I might just stay in Lake Placid for an undetermined time, until then I'll leave you with something to think about (that is if anyone actually reads my rambling)

"We must create immediately an atmosphere of freedom so that you can live and find out for yourselves what is true, so that you become intelligent, so that you are able to face the world and understand it, not just conform to it, so that inwardly, deeply, psychologically you are in constant revolt; because it is only those who are in constant revolt that discover what is true, not the man who conforms, who follows some tradition." - Krishnamurti
The Greatest Gift in Life is Freedom
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