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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Wondering what kind of work you're doing though on 3 blocks of carbs? That's not just ketogenic, but just under Anabolic Diet levels of carbohydrate.
3's probably a little bit low...maybe more like 5. I'll typically eat a piece of fruit and a little veggie w/my first meal of the day (around noonish) and then have a package of broccoli or spinach w/dinner. Snacking on fats btw those two meals and after dinner.

Performance (probably averaging 3 metcons and 2 strength wods/wk) hasn't seemed to suffer since I've gone back on the lower-carb. But I do find that I really have to work to get the 5-6 carb blocks in, so that could also be where the late night hunger is coming in on the days where I'm only getting 3 or so.
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