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It doesn't surprise me that Jim has the same story. As I said in the article, Dragomir and Nicu were traveling around the US frequently during that summer (hence the 'US Summer Tour' shirts). Nicu was showing people the RDL in a lot of gyms and the exercise created quite a buzz with all of our lifters and coaches. It's very possible that the "We don't have a name for it, so we'll start calling it the RDL!" conversation took place in more than one location. Nicu also trained in Washington with my coach, John Thrush, during that summer and he mentioned something similar once. I've known Jim Schmitz for many years. He has tons of awesome stories and they're always reliable.

So I'm afraid I can't pin down to a gnat's ass exactly where the very first vocal utterance of the phrase "RDL" happened. All I know for sure, as I said in the article, is that somebody in the OTC gym started using the phrase "RDL" to describe the exercise during the 1990 training camp. Hell, maybe somebody at the OTC had heard it from somebody at the Sports Palace. Unfortunately, I didn't have my voice identification software and DNA collection equipment with me at the time.
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