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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
If you're looking for some specific strength it's a good idea. Kinda along the lines of grease the groove to an extent. Same as the demands of most strength programs.

I don't really see any "detriment" in terms of losing conditioning at all though. As long as you're using compound exercises that hit all of the body's muscles. I'm pretty sure if you used like triceps kickbacks and biceps curls and situps it wouldn't work too well.

By the way...nice job with the "how to contstruct a workout routine V1.2" A long time ago I had a PhD in exercise physiology and considered myself a muscle physiologist. I say "a long time ago" because I have spent the last 13 years in the Navy, forgetting what I learned during my PhD. It is shocking what you can forget in 13 years! Some of it is still there though but alot of it is gone. Use it or loose it.... No regrets the Navy...
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