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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Theoretically, form for hill sprints is supposed to be exactly the same as sprinting on flat ground. Meaning they should be working the muscles the same except one is harder since you're going uphill. If you're leaning significantly forward in your hill sprints you're doing it wrong.
Right. Most efficient for hill running is shorter faster steps, as compared to trying to increase stride. This would be like gearing down on a bike, using quick leg speed to compensate for the incline.

You should be running with your eyes lookin up hill and in an upright position.

But yeah, even my mom's cheap one goes up to 12 on incline. There are two at one of the gyms I go to that goes up to +20 and -4 and has a max speed of 20. Ive only seen a couple people run at 20, and that was with a belt that lifts suspends your body a little over the treadmill so you have less weight pushing down. Its suppose to help with allowing the body to run at higher speeds easier.

And I dont think they are degree inclines, they are measured in % I believe.
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