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Default startin CA WOD

I am a novice lifter at best and just got done a strength and mass gain phase of trianing which has left me longing for some real Oly lifting experience. I am ready to start the CA WOD....

I really don't want to wait for the next macro cycle and I am worried that if I start on a Bulgarian cycle I wont have allowed for enough recovery since I have just finished this High Intensity strength phase. I was thinking of takeing a week or two to do some stability and form work with some moderate and low intensity and just enough heavy lifting to be sure I am holding on to my newly aquired strength and mass. I also have a Certification with Coach Burgner coming up in Febuary and I am excited for some hands on learning... Does it make sence to wait for the second strength cycle in the current Macro? One bennifit would be that I would be attending the cert before the first bulgarian cycle (2nd in the macro but my first). I would honestly like to follow the WOD that is being posted for the sake of fun and community as I have been on my own rescently and while I enjoyed it I would love to follow a herd for a while. However I am open to the suggestion of following the back logs.

Any way I am hopeing for some suggestions and experience with regards to begining the CA WOD and am willing to answer any questions which may be helpfull.
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