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Originally Posted by Jonathan Dunn View Post
Happy New Year everyone!

I have been invited to participate in a PL competition in March of this year by the gym owners where I train. I'm really flattered, but I think these guys have squatted a little too heavy and busted a few too many vessels. Anyway, I'm seriously considering the offer and need to alter my training soon in order to compete. I've never been in either a PL or OL competition, but I do want the experience of competing. There are no local OL comps, and the PL meet is still a couple of hours drive from here (Alabama). My deadlifts are decent (last time, about 2 months ago, 400# at the end of a training session...thanks to all the OLs). My squats are of the OL (high bar, shoulder width stance, deep), not PL (low bar, wide stance, vertical shins, almost horizontal back, parallel) variety and only 300# thus far. I don't bench, so I'm guessing about 225-250...maybe. I've done some close grip, bottom position bench presses in a rack to develop pushing power, but no traditional benches.

So, am I nuts for even considering this, given that I really love OL and wish to compete in OL one day? It would be a 3 month training period where i would need to focus on the PLs. Can I mix the PL and OL? There would be some carryover, I think, with the strength development, and I can always use more strength. What would be a good program to pursue, should I go with the PL competition?

Thanks guys. And if this is stupid or insane to pursue, tell me. I can handle it. Really.
Just for starters, I dont know anything about this subject, and wont say anything relevant.

But, how much do you weight? Your numbers are similar to mine, with a much heavier bench though, and lighter squat. Mine is terrible.

I was thinking of maybe competeing if I kept at it for a few more months and kept getting stronger.
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