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Your username ins't Sumo is it? Heh He seems to have it in for this Fred guy.

Anyway, wow that thread is kind of nuts this guy seems a bit stuck on himself in terms of physical appearance I think every other post was on how muscular he is compared to others. From what he was saying on the thread he had me thinking he was huge, but then I googled him and definitely not anywhere as large as his claims are in there.

Another thing is the whole "hypermobile" shoulders arguement. Say what? So he's saying snatching is hard because his joints are in such excellent condition and then says how everyone else there was rubbing icy hot on themselves along with wearing knee/elbow sleeves. In fact it seems like he's just making excuses for everything. "oh well I can't do this because of this or that...."

Maybe this is me being an ass but for all the things he talks about he seems to be very clueless and ignorant about a lot of things. At first I thought maybe he was a beginner but according to his bio he's been training people for 20 years...etc but he doesn't know how to test a vertical jump? He's not even sure what a front squat is? huh?
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