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Jonathan Dunn
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I'm 6'2" and currently weigh 194#. If i stay at this weight, i would lift in the 198# class. I'm also 35, so I would like to think I'd be in a "submaster" or old man's division.

The guy that asked me to enter said that it was about a 1000# total that won the 198# last year. It is a totally drug free event, with both "raw' and "equipped" divisions. I'd definitely be in the raw category, as I don't even have a belt.

I definitely want to enter, but I do not wish to screw up any of the OL i've been doing since 18 August 2008, nor any of my metcons (I've recently started to see great improvements in my abilities to do KPUs, box jumps, sprints, ring dips, etc). Now if I can do a hybrid with a temporary emphasis on PL, then I'm gonna go for it.
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