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I've toyed around with the idea of entering a 100% RAW Federation (can't wear practically anything other than the singlet!) meet in April.

I'm doing my OL / gymnastics / yoga program right now. If I decide to enter, the most I'm going to do to prepare is one day per week of a SS-style workout (ie. 3 x 3-5 of squats and bench, 1 set of DLs if I even want to do them, they suck a lot out of me) simply to prepare myself for the movements (mainly for the bench).

There's a possibility of my prep only being a couple of sets of bench.

Note that you don't have to go out to win it, that's your call. You can always squat OL style in a PL meet, so that prep could be hacked. If you know how to DL, your OL takes care of the pull training.

If you love OL, then do the PL for S&Gs or don't bother IMO.
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