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Jonathan Dunn
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Dr G,

What are S&G's? Sorry, I had to ask. I do appreciate the advice, especially about not trying to go all out and win, but to get the experience of competition.

Are lifters allowed to squat in any way as long as they go below parallel and don't allow the bar to slide down the back while lifting?

I see your wisdom in the one day a week SS. Maybe I should continue to follow CA WOD, but do the PLs on Saturday instead of heavy OL. That way I can continue to progress with my OL and do heavy PL training on Saturdays. What do you think?

By the way, love Tuscon. I was out there on a mission trip last August. Beautiful place. The mountains to the north (I can't remember the names) were awesome. Really enjoyed the drive up to the top, with many stops along the way. The daily flights of the A-10s got my heart pumping, too. I got lots of pics from the retired aircraft graveyard. I recently saw a Discovery Channel show on how the planes were sorted and recycled. It was filmed right there in Tuscon.
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