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Thanks for taking care of the clarification Blair.

Like I said, I haven't done PL yet, but I have heard that the point Kevin brought up is pretty valid. I do a "frog"ish type of pulling stance for OL which I believe makes it much harder to confuse the two pulls (my DL stance is pretty standard, I'd guess there is a 6" height difference in my hips between the two stances).

I don't believe there are any rules on high or low bar placement. I personally do sort of a hybrid back squat--lower bar, full depth--so I don't think I'll have much trouble with the PL-ish style squat. No world records or anything, but I'd like to make a decent show.

It sounds like Saturday would be a good place to do your PL workout, considering the CA WOD schedule. Maybe Greg E. will add his thoughts, or even Matt Foreman.

Tucson is a great place. It tends to pull back people who move away, I've seen it happen with a bunch of people. I'm assuming you're talking about Mt. Lemmon, that's a fun drive.
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