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This is pretty hilarious, and I can't believe Lincoln is so patient with the guy: he usually is pretty black/white on CF. I can relate to the guys comments since he seems to have many of my limitations. Of course, he finds an even better way to rationalize them: "not hypermobile shoulders"!

I also loved the comment by the guy who said that O lifters don't do bicep curls because it would get in the way of the rack position. That's hilarious!

He obviously has some sense of humor about himself since he mentions the coach calling him "puffy".

His ignorance is a little scary: "the bar weighs 40lbs", "what's a front squat", "how to you measure vertical jump"

Also, his sidekick asks him to test himself in a few weeks to see whether O lifting is all it's cracked up to be for vertical jump. It really is a comedy of ignorance.

Allen - I think what it comes down to is that we've been exposed to O lifting via different routes and have picked up some knowledge. I think for most bodybuilders they have no idea what's involved. The guy may be a bit self-absorbed but isn't that a requirement for bodybuilding?
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