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I've only begun touching the surface of endurance efforts in the past year, triathlons and cycling and what not. Mostly my backround is in MMA and strength training. But it seems to that if you cannot train your grip and pulling strength this close to such an event, than it doesnt matter what kind of recovery you get out of endurance efforts because you wont be able to recover from the stress put on that part of your body. as well as gymjones are really good places to look they deal directly with ice climbing, Rob from mtnathlete actually just started a really well designed program for a similar effort and posted all sorts of good articles on it. He built a cave in his gym and each pass done on is graded on a point system(w/feet or w/o feet.
Gym jones recently went private so you will have a more difficult time finding specifics on it.
hope this helps the video is on this page:
hope this helps
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