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Patrick Yeung
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I didnt even realize that the DL and SQ for oly/pl styles were different till recently. I am in the same boat agian with ya in squat form, a low bar, but below parallel bottom.

I am new to lifting, so maybe my gains are those newbie gains, but have you ever tried Smolov's squat program? It invovles low volume, heavy squating for 13 weeks, including an introduction week and rest weeks.

I am on my last 2 weeks of it before my second 1RM test again, but have had great results. Dropped BF, with no increase in weight, with huge gains in squat.

Started at 245 as my max, and now im doing 315 for 3 reps.

I like the way the program loads the weights each week and is very systematic. I am gonna try using the numbers for DL and Power cleans later.

And what lifts are involved in competition? Bench, DL, SQ?
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