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Indeed. Plenty of stuff. Forgot Natural Hormonal Enhancement too.

Lyle seems pretty adamant that UD2.0 not be an approach but a set program and schedule. I don't have enough information on it, but I do remember that he recommends that males be sub 12% bf before doing the program.

I personally hate the one or two day carb load of something like the Metabolic/Anabolic Diet. I feel like garbage on the carb up day(s) and am totally depleted by week's end... I'm guessing beyond the point intended as I feel awful in my workouts by that point.

I personally think for someone doing a fair amount of GPP work along with power and strength, that something more like a 3/1 Low carb:Refeed schedule would be quite effective.

Check out the refeed thread here if you want. It's long, but it's the best thread I've seen over at his new(er) forum.
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