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And so. I’m sick…

Yesterday I started coughing a bit and today got worse. Constantly freezing, coughing up some soft “mucus-kind-of-thing” that surprisingly hurts like hell. Joints and muscles ache off course…

Got home at 15:45 and took a bath and then tried to sleep for two hours. Been sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself for another two and thought I’d watch some k-1 and and type up this post.

So far I know of one co-worker, two relatives and my two year old son - for some reason he didn’t feel a need for whining on a public forum about it - who all got the same symptoms so I know what’s coming up. I should be good by this weekend I hope because my girlfriends brother gets married on Saturday and OL comp. is on the 18th.

Hope I can go to practice tomorrow.
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