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Default Stronger than all!!!!

Yep, I have decided to start a training log here after a lot of debate. Nothing against anyone but Ive always kind of felt blogging was, well... gay, just personal opinion, not trying to offend anyone. But also I have seen that it can be a good way of keeping track of things and getting some feed back from like minds around here. Just a little background 32/m/6ft/198ish, Firefighter and was a Marine before that. I am currently doing WS4SB and have so for about 2 1/2 months and have seen tremendous size and strength gains on it, with a descent diet. I have always been a slim guy and have now finally found a good program to follow. I was doing Xfit for about 7 months before I started Defrancos. Liked xfit for awhile, until I lost 15lbs of body building muscle, got weaker than I already was and and chose intensity over form and hurt my lower back. Its finally been feeling good constantly here now for a couple of weeks. Shit just thinking of my back not hurting makes me want to go hit the gym. Nothing is better than training when you have no injuries! Well didnt mean to be so long winded here. Ill post as needed I guess. Hell I dont know maybe everyday maybe once a week. Did ME upper body today. Here are my lift totals so far. All raw (no belt, gloves, straps), and good form.

Bench 275x2 (that was today)
Squat 315x2 (last week)
375x1 (3 weeks ago)
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