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Stephen Brown
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Took December off of the bike and only 1 workout per week. Was a good break but am ready to go again. Did some drinkin and ate what I wanted, though non-paleo foods have lost a great deal of appeal for me so I didn't gain significant weight which is great, but my endurance is toast.

207 lbs.

January 3:

95 lbs
5 thrusters
7 hang power cleans
10 sumo deadlift high-pulls

6 rounds plus 5 thrusters in 20 minutes. (Completed 7 rounds-10/21/08)

January5: considerable soreness from saturday wo.

power snatch: 75x3x10 - as fast as my lungs would allow, harder than I thought it would be
BP: 115x1x10 intended to add weight progressively for more sets but felt something not good happen in right pec that bothered me enough to stop. didn't feel overweighted, just the pain.
PU: 3x10
Back extensions: 3x35 no reason for 35 reps, just happened that way.
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