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Rick Deckart
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Hi Elliot,

as I already mentioned the program works quite well, at least for me. You can have a look here:

if you are interested how to incorporate this into a strength routine*. I used it for OHS but in your case I would simply do backsquats, leave the first cycle as is and do the second one with 25-30% weight increase. After that I would switch to some lower rep stuff. Coincidently I started such a cycle today combining OHS with KB swings, the fourth time I am doing this routine (I did this only for OHS, during the second time I injured myself while snowboarding, so I could not finish the program, during the third trial I became ill (flu) and again could not finish the cycle...).

BTW after each minicycle I would take at least two days off so that at the start of the next cycle you are fresh and recovered. It would probably best to limit yourself to 3 workouts per week.



*The above link shows among other things a vivid documentation of over-reaching, so take it with some grain of salt...
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