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Agreed with Derek, although I haven't had my training journal on here as near as long. Completely agreed in that the commentary here is awesome. Several here are great coaches - Greg Everett is absolutely outstanding. Agreed about the same conclusions with the training. I've followed a hybrid very similiar to the CA WODs now for nearly 18 months and I've had great results.

Looking forward to seeing your training. Do you incorporate the olympic lifts into your training? I like West Side to an extent and have actually trained with Louie and several of his athletes. Someday, for kicks and giggles I might try the Metal Militia 21 days of hell. But I'm still not game as the volume is brutal and I like being able to walk and play actively with my children without achy joints.

You obviously need some met-con with your work. Do you do any kettlebell work? Or any active recovery between training days?

Go hard and heavy.

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