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Default are these breakfasts good for you?

maybe i'm wrong, but looking at all these posts on what everybody is eating for breakfast, seems totally different from what i have ben hearing and eating for years. looks like there are a lot of people eating sausages, beacon, cheeses, creams, which i heard the past number of years is not good. maybe a bit, in moderation, but it looks like these folks eat a lot. i would like to hear from some top of the line nutritionist how this kind of high fat, high saturated fat is good for you.
just in comparison, i look at lance armstrongs diet. his coach and nutritionist have to be some of the better ones out there. no fly by night dr. or coach. he eats his pasta, fish, fruits veggies, salads olive oil, chicken, steak, rice..
i thing he is better informed than we are. he races his bike for a living. most of us wanna gain a few pounds and squat 300 instead of 250...
so where is the info that says eating all this high calorie, high saturated fat is good? i would like to follow up on the reading. i havent had beacon in years. cream or sausage either.... cheese on everything... not me. but if its ok, per a top nutritionist, not just some dude wanting to gain 10 pounds, i'll have a few slices of the fatty beacon myself.
i may have been missing out these last 50+ years.
please, if anyone can provide some good info on the way everyone is eating, and say its not harmfull, let me know...
thanks alot
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