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I eat eggs, meat, bacon oh ya.

My cholesterol is well within the low levels. My blood work astounds doctors.

Probably because they are used to seeing people who eat....doughnuts, muffins, grain-based CRAP.

Ancient man didn't have these things, he killed some animal, ate some berries and fruits off the ground, picked a few things he could see and did well. Wasn't until agriculture that the average life span went from 65 to 35. Modern medicine has kept the idiots alive longer than new fangled diets, and tastebud special foods every have.

Lance Armstrong also during races burned 10,000 calories a day on mountain days. You are comparing his need for fuel to...whose? Specialized athletes can eat quite a bit, look at the debate over Phelps' diet. They eat that way because they can burn the fuel. Normal people eating that way would get fat, and they do.

I really, really suggest you read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

Edit: One thing to note, the arguably most powerful woman in the world, Oprah, recently just complained about being back up to 200 pounds. She has enough money to buy an army of nutritionists, and yet she's fat, rich yes, but still fat. Goes to show you people with the money to buy smart people, no matter how much they have or how well they do, will not be healthy if they do not put forth the effort to do so.
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