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Michell Kaarne
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Feeling a lot better todayÖthe fever finally went down around midnight last night. Took some painkillers (paracetamol) an hour ago just in case and all that is left now is the cough and a really bad cold. I guess the flu-shot I got at work helped me recover because everyone else has had several days of fever and about two weeks of heavy coughing. The upper part of my traps feel a bit sluggish but I think Iíll be fine.

Practice starts in one hour. Hope theyíll let me train as I work late on Thursday so I wonít get any skill work then. Iíll work strength on my own though.

Getting really psyched about the competition. I know I wonít make many points for my teamÖIíll probably end up with a total of 120-130kg at a BW of 73kg. But itíll be loads of fun anyways.
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