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Today was an outstanding day at the gym, even though its a globogym. Got a new training partner and looks like a good one, former football player @ OK state. Looks to do the same type of training and brings intensity like I do to the gym. This is good since Ive been training pretty much alone for a few yrs, cant seem to get anyone that will BRING IT!, except for my soon to be wife but she mainly does Xfit. He is quite a bit stronger but this is good, it will force me to work harder. Hope it works out. Ive seen what a good training partner can do for you.

Arden, to answer your question, no met-con right now, we play full court bball at work and football. That is enough for me. Might start doing CA WOD met-cons eventually. No kettlebells @ globogym, use to sub dumbell swings until I hurt my back doing xfit, and yes I still do some Oly lifts. Todays workout

hanging power cleans 3x5-7 155lbs
36in box jumps w/25lb in each hand 5x7
Knee high box stepups 3x10 each leg 135lbs
back extensions 3x12 25lb plate
leg raises 3x15
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