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Default Another little guy looking to get big

Little background info on me:

I am 19, started seriously lifting weights at around 18 and have since gained about 15lbs, for a total bw of 175lbs. I am 5'10", play ice hockey and think my weight and strength are seriously holding me back from getting to be really strong the way I want to be. I've been pretty much stuck here for about 6 months, seeing little to no results (mostly due to a changing schedule and poor programming). I've decided to put on the muscle I need to play my sport better and to put up some monster numbers in my lifts. Currently, they are:

(all 1rm)
Squat: 295lbs
Bench Press: 225lbs
Press: 135lbs
Power Clean: 205lbs
Deadlift: 405lbs

Now, I know my numbers aren't too bad for my bw, but nothing elite. My goal at this point is to deadlift 500#, squat 400# and press my current bodyweight(or better). I would love to powerclean 270#+ and the same on bench.

Programming wise, I was thinking SS with weighted pull-ups once a week. I have access to a gym with bumperplates, squat racks, benchs, glute-ham and a good pull-up bar. I am going to aim at 6000 or so calories a day for food including my GOMAD.

Question is: does this seem right for me? Think I will see gains from SS with the pull-ups? 200lbs sounds like a very good weight to shoot for, cutting afterward to a hard 190 or so, while maintaining my lifts. Or should I buckledown, buy practical programming and construct an intermediate program with a strength bias?
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