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also i have one question, its been much debating about the 1 meal approach against 2 or three. Im on a diet my calorie inntake is 1500. So would it be best if i ate one big meal or two? i find it alot easier to eat one big meal so i can get a litle stuffed but the only reason to do two meals is to get enough protein, but after much reading people really seem to lower their protein inntake to even 0.6g/lbs even if they are very active and lean. I also eat very slow so the meal will take some time.

I also have a question regarding fat. Can your body make fat into glycogen for the muscles? and when will that process start? because i guess it will be more beneficial to get much glycogen from the fat rather than from carbs since with fat insulin is stable. As for the calories many people will say its to low but its not im a bit extreme but my goals are a bit extreme.
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