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Good work Tom. The 36" box jumps with 50lbs is awesome. I'm happy to get my large arse on a 36" box. Did it recently with eyes on the 40". Given that I outweigh you by a good 50 pounds i guess that sorta makes us even.

I hear you on training with stronger guys - it's very motivating. Over the past three years I've had the luxury of training with Phil Pfister and Brian Siders. If you don't know who those two guys are, do a google search. They're pretty strong. I was certainly the weakling in the trio. Except for deadlifts and high rep heavy squats. They destroyed me in the implement training though. It was fun though and very inspiring. Watching Brian rep bench 585 for 5 with no shirt caused me to do multiple double takes.

Keep up the good work.

All the best,

Originally Posted by tom hurst View Post
Today was an outstanding day at the gym, even though its a globogym. Got a new training partner and looks like a good one, former football player @ OK state. Looks to do the same type of training and brings intensity like I do to the gym. This is good since Ive been training pretty much alone for a few yrs, cant seem to get anyone that will BRING IT!, except for my soon to be wife but she mainly does Xfit. He is quite a bit stronger but this is good, it will force me to work harder. Hope it works out. Ive seen what a good training partner can do for you.

Arden, to answer your question, no met-con right now, we play full court bball at work and football. That is enough for me. Might start doing CA WOD met-cons eventually. No kettlebells @ globogym, use to sub dumbell swings until I hurt my back doing xfit, and yes I still do some Oly lifts. Todays workout

hanging power cleans 3x5-7 155lbs
36in box jumps w/25lb in each hand 5x7
Knee high box stepups 3x10 each leg 135lbs
back extensions 3x12 25lb plate
leg raises 3x15
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